Fifth Annual Lineage & Legacy


 Joseph A. Mabry II in the 1860s

Joseph A. Mabry II in the 1860s

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, Mabry-Hazen House will host its 5th annual Lineage and Legacy event from 2pm — 4 pm. Every year the museum invites family descendants, supporting members, and the general public to Mabry’s Hill to commemorate one of Knoxville’s first and most dramatic families. The event reflects on the past and present experiences of the Mabry and Hazen families and their imprint upon Knoxville’s history.

Join us in 2018 for A Civil Debate, a one-act play written by Tyler Gregory and Patrick Hollis and performed by Seventh Thirty Creative. The play will imagine a debate between four famous Knoxvillians about their experiences during the Civil War. “General” Joseph A. Mabry, Ellen Renshaw House, Parson William Brownlow, and Cal Johnson will debate a divided Knoxville as it struggled with occupation, violence, loyalties, and meanings of freedom. House was a diarist and a self-declared “very violent rebel;” Brownlow, also known as the “Fighting Parson,” was nationally known Unionist and infamous newspaper editor; Cal Johnson was the son of an enslaved couple, reburied Union dead after the war, and rose to become Knoxville’s first African-American millionaire; and our own "Gen’l” Mabry was a “notorious rebel” and merchant. Drawn from their own words and actions, then supplemented with secondary sources, the play dramatizes the real experiences and lives of four influential Knoxville characters.

The event also will serve as a membership drive and annual meeting of the membership. In addition to the play, guests will enjoy light refreshments as well as tours of the 1858 house and its original family collection. Tickets to Lineage and Lineage cost $5 and support the museum’s mission to preserve and educate the public about a valuable part of East Tennessee. MEMBERS ATTEND THE EVENT FREE OF CHARGE.

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The one-act play is supported by a matching grant generously provided by the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Tickets are available for purchase at the museum or by clicking on this link.



Built in 1858, Mabry-Hazen House is strategically located on the highest hill east of downtown Knoxville with spacious views in all directions. The home was occupied and defended by both armies during the Civil War.  It housed three generations of the same family for 130 years; the museum showcases one of the largest original family collections in America. Your attendance will help support the museum's mission to preserve and educate the public about an important part of East Tennessee history.

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